In no case such activities of students will be tolerated which adversely affect the Discipline of the school and the parents will co- operate the Management for effective monitoring of the institution . However , parents are free and welcome to project their grievances either through the suggestion Box or to the Secretary or to lodge grievances to Mr. Shekhar Kumar I/C Administration.  

          The teachers who are a party to the system also to discharge their responsibilities carefully within the limitations and free to lodge their feelings to the management . A Teacher – parents co-ordination committees is there which will keep such concern on the issue . Mrs. Anita Singh is the Co-ordinator and Sukhdeo Rai( retd. Headmaster ) is the chairman of Vidyalaya Management Committee to take proper care on such issue along with the other members of the committee as and when such situation warrants.

Absence or Part leave:-

  • Absence from the classes without prior permission is not in the interest of the students and any casualness of the parents seems not comfortable for the discipline . As such in order to have a check on this unwarranted privilege it has also been decided to impose fine of Rs. 5/- per day if the students keep absence from the school without prior intimation and even if such request is not received on the diary by the parents on the day their wards join the school . Such absence will be marked as “ A” with red ink and the class teachers will forward the list to the office for marking the same chargeable along with the Tuition fee of the next month. 

Part leave:-

  • No part leave is allowed and in case of such request the concerned student will be marked Partly Absent (PA) but in case of some unavoidable reasons special permission will be given by the class teacher with the concerned unit I/C (Primary / Secondary ) by keeping such records which will be available with the unit I/C. Such students will be deprived from the privilege of being considered in the category of 100 % Attendance as stated in para 10( ii).

Guidelines for students

  1. All Students must possess school diary, text books, note books and stationary etc
  2. Students must come in School Uniform
  3. They must be clean, neat & tidy
  4. Students should be regular in attendance
  5. Books Magazines and Articles (other thing those required for every day studies) brought to the school are liable to be confiscated
  6. Students are advised not to bring valuable article to the school. The school will not be responsible for any goods lost
  7. Students should obey House Captain and other students on duty
  8. Application for leave must be submitted a day in advance duly counter signed by the parents/guardian
  9. Students are not allowed to leave the school in working hours unless the parent/guardian whose signature are on the admission forms and school diary come in persons
  10. School identity cards must be with the students on all working days
  11. Students should not indulge in disruptive activities
  12. Any damage to the School Property by the Students will have to be born by the Student's Parents/Guardian
  13. The School reserves the right to take severe action and to even remove the name from the school roll of the students who are found guilty of misconduct
  14. The School Bus user must meticulously follow the rules and the instructions of the Driver and the conductor


  1. Withdraw from any class must be preceded by a month's notice in written or an month's fee in liew of notice
  2. All dues will have to be cleared before a Transfer Certificate is issued
  3. Transfer Certificate will be issued after one week of receiving the application
  4. Security money shall be returned after 15 days of receiving the application
  5. School authorities may ask, without prior notice to the parent to withdraw the child from the school on any of the following grounds
    1. Academic : Constant weakness in studies or who fail in the same class for two consecutive session.
    2. Disciplinary : Those students whose conduct in the opinion of the Principals is harmful to the interest of the school.

    3. Fees in arrear : Those who have not deposited the fee for 2 months. Once the name is truck off the school rolls. re-admission will be considered only after paying all the arrears & admission fee, provided seat is available

Guidelines for parents

Parents Teachers contact and co-operation is essential for complete and harmonious developments of the student's personality. Constant vigilance on the part of the Parent/Guardian pay rich dividends. Please, observe the following points in the interest of your ward :

  1. Please use the school diary as a means of communication with the school by checking the remarks, if any made by the teacher's
  2. Please see that your ward comes to school in proper school uniform
  3. Please let your child not be absent from the school without proper written leave application
  4. Please do attend Parent-Teachers Meetings
  5. Please do not sent the fee money with the Driver, Conductor or any other member of the school staff
  6. Please don't send money or valuable articles with the students. The School shall take no responsibility in case they are lost
  7. In case you wish to send Lunch-box, Water Bottle to your ward, please channel the same through the office
  8. Please sign the test copies/papers as and when sent home
  9. Please meet the .teacher with prior appointment at the school. Please do not go into the classroom to discuss problems at it disturbs the academic atmosphere of the class